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Senior registered Xuhui District company
Senior registered Xuhui District company

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In a word, it's useless to be young, and it's worth struggling for dreams. However, about three months later, the company registered and finally met the needs of key customers. We should have leaped forward in business, but there were "cracks" in team cooperation. We agreed at the beginning that we would work together without any salary. We would only take the project dividend and give some extra subsidies to the full-time investment. Technically, I put my heart and soul into it, and my brother who organized everyone to do the project together at the beginning. He has a good interpersonal eloquence, can often bring large projects, and most of them are responsible for general projects. But he doesn't write code. Most of the time, he seems to be the most leisurely one, but the money he takes is always the highest, because he can bring business.

Because other people usually go to work, it's hard to do their best for the projects they do together. The efficiency is not high. Maybe some of them don't face up to the entrepreneurial opportunity. Later, when we were unable to deliver the products on time, we all suspected that we could shirk our responsibilities. Some people also had opinions on my full-time investment and coordination work. It seems that no one saw me running for the company, looking for an agent bookkeeping company, sorting out bills, going to the bank to remit money, these complicated and complicated matters. Everyone is thinking about their difficulties. But I think the most important factor is probably the interest. The company we registered needs daily operation (the agency account is outsourced), expenses. The people looking for the project also need some funds to treat, eat and talk about business, buy computer equipment, and rent. It's really a small expense, after all, it's Shanghai.

Apart from the expenses, the actual money we each have, and whether we have ever received some small projects that one or two people can do occasionally before, is considerable. Think about me at that time, there was not a prediction about the operation and management of the company; it was a waste of time in the stage of registering the company and lost the opportunity to compete for several big projects; few of us were really proficient in business development. The brothers who are mainly responsible for receiving the project depend on the communication circle. We are all Xiaobai in the market development. When we have finished the human relationship meal, we will inevitably fall into a dilemma. Finally, we fail to meet the original blueprint. Such a newly established small enterprise, which is still not dominant in the market competition, can not be met by large customers. Everyone is a shareholder and has the right to speak.

It's better not to have too many masters. I have a deep understanding of this. ... in summary, I have too many feelings about this experience. After less than half a year, one of our members said that they would go home to get married and plan to stay in their hometown for further development. People in charge of business development don't want to continue to bear the pressure, and everyone is willing to give up. In order to have a stable income, I have to start my resume early. At the suggestion of a friend, the company was transferred (which is already ours). This is an entrepreneurial experience that has not been considered well, started at a cursory pace, and left in a gloomy mood. At that time, the daily cost of maintaining a company was high. During this period, I also grew up a lot. Whether it's entrepreneurship or work, it's really not enough to do my own thing well.

Tearful lesson: don't start without planning. Second start up: life still needs precipitation, without certain experience, really can't bear the huge responsibility. After nearly two years of precipitation, this time, I feel ready (at the end of the 15th year). I left my job and joined the team of entrepreneurs again. This time, like many first-time entrepreneurs, I'm still excited about this kind of adventure. But it's not as clueless as the first experience. In the past two years, I have honed my working ability, familiarized myself with the business model of the whole industry, found out the profit point of enterprise development, and known more business partners. All these are accumulation! Time is still the time! The demand for station building, app development, HTML5 and wechat public account is not only the demand for PC, but also for mobile market. This time, we need to take the road of Internet entrepreneurship and provide users with online Internet solutions.

Or return to the theme, first talk about registration: This is a good era, yes! It took less than two weeks to register a company on the Internet start-up platform introduced by a friend and obtain the license of Shanghai * Network Technology Co., Ltd. (to prevent the company from being suspected of publicity and to code). Such a fast start seems to indicate a smooth road ahead. At this time, the policy is much better. There is no bothered capital verification link. Three shareholders have written 3 million yuan of registered capital, and they don't really need to show 3 million yuan to the industry and commerce. There is no need to register on the spot. The registered address is a centralized office address. It's free and the rent is saved. All the way smoothly, it costs hundreds of yuan to check and pay taxes (to mention that once the company's basic account is opened, the bank will deduct the management fee every year), and the cost of starting a business is too low to think about.

Now there are many Internet start-up platforms, and the follow-up services are very good, basically covering the needs of start-up companies. The needs of later ICP website filing, trademark registration and agency bookkeeping can be met. I don't need to run errands like I did for the first time. This is also the charm of my serious Internet. The company's structure has also been carefully designed by the platform's suggestions. Reasonable equity distribution, equity dividend is equity dividend, and wage income is wage income. This time, we are no longer making extra money and making small noises. We are really going to do a big job. In recent years, I have known many people, some of whom are rich in funds are willing to invest in us, and offer common channels to help. In the early stage of entrepreneurship, I got angel investment. The matter of money has also been solved through equity transfer. The registered address is Jinshan, because our official website has been set up for a long time, and the website has been put on record when registering. Doing online business is considered as an Internet start-up, and we have also received "Internet start-up and innovation subsidy", and the proportion of tax refund is quite high (those who were stupid and registered in the city district at that time, whether the cost is high or not, and there is no tax preference, here is a reminder of the relationship before the start-up of business friends. Policy issues of entrepreneurship support).

In the past 15 years, Shanghai has integrated three certificates into one. During this period, the business process of tax office is much more convenient (now, five certificates have been integrated into one, and the policy is still changing). The registration is very smooth, but the entrepreneurial road is not so smooth: the Internet changes people's consumption habits, but also increases the barriers to establish effective communication and trust with users. Getting customers: last time we started our business, we faced the problem of attracting customers. This time, I still fell into the vortex of market development! It is still a difficult point to gain customers through Internet. But we still have methods: first of all, to be a search engine, SEO / SEM is already a red sea (there are too many people doing it now), we still can't give up and seek new breakthroughs; to build a group to do it, to do wechat micro blog of self-Media, as well as online sales and e-marketing, offline visits... To try a feasible way.

Seize any opportunity of business development and establish business cooperation with others. Because most of our services are also enterprise customers, and even many entrepreneurial users, to solve other needs of our own customers (ICP filing, domain name service. Trademark patent, etc.) is also very important. We have established in-depth cooperation with the platform that provides registration services for ourselves. We can also get new venture customers from them. Settle in a service platform with large traffic. For example, entrepreneurship platform and enterprise service management platform are used as suppliers to find customers by using other people's traffic. After the effort, the effect is there. But we have a lot of team members. We want to support the technical development team, the operation team, and the service team. We are still hungry. We can't eat enough now! Brain drain: Internet companies are under great pressure. Overtime is almost a sign of Internet companies.

Under the pressure of high-intensity work, it's hard to keep good talents! Some time ago, several employees resigned one after another. Maybe they agreed. It hit me a lot. I fell into a depression. I think it's true that not everyone has a heart to start a business. In recent years, I have also developed the habit of self doubt with coffee as my companion: sometimes I work in the dorm all day in front of the computer, sometimes I will drive some errands, and shift my attention to other places to do miscellaneous things; sometimes, when I am bored or encounter problems, I wonder if my ideas and decisions of leaving and starting a business are meaningful. Think back to the simple ideal of Shanghai: buying a house.

Can't help but think of a paragraph, ask the world's most loser is what: the first business, the second house business. Is entrepreneurship really the key to wealth? Entrepreneurship is still going on, the story is still going on, and we are still on the way... The last advice is: • in this era, the environment is better than a few years ago, the policy is good, and it is suitable for entrepreneurship. If you really want to start a business, you can still act quickly, and the business opportunities are not waiting for people. • but if you are a glass heart, don't start a business. In this process, you really have to bear a lot of pressure known before, and your mental quality should be excellent. • to register a company, you need to find an agent company (with complete qualification certificate and reliable score), don't find an individual agent casually, deal with the tax affairs well, and find a team that can give advice to your own financial affairs.

Because now there are problems in the company's tax, which will make the operation very troublesome. • make sure you save money at the beginning of your business. It is recommended to find a free centralized address for the registered address, because the business address and registered address can not be the same place, and the business in the urban area can be completely registered in the suburbs, and you can also get tax rebate policies and various supporting policies (you can get them for the right person). • entrepreneurs don't have to be obsessed with everything in the company, but they still need to master the overall situation. Those who don't understand can rely on the strength of business partners. For example, when encountering financial problems, I will communicate with the bookkeeping company. What the company changes or needs the guidance of professional people, professional reliability is the most important.

2016 is almost over. As a person of continuous entrepreneurship, I still adhere to my original passion. There is also a cruel "twenty eight law" in the entrepreneurial world. The future is unknown! I don't know if I'm lucky to be the "two" or the "eight" in the end. Life is unknown everywhere, and I don't know how many people in the world, like me, start their business in the unpredictable city of Mordor and bear more realistic pressure. I hope that the makers never regret it! -------------I'm a gorgeous dividing line ----------- several friends asked me about the registration fee and address. I said: don't think it's over to register a company and get a business license.

Ordinary domestic companies run a complete registration process. After obtaining the business license, they need to open a corporate account (basic account) with the bank. After obtaining the license of the Bank of deposit and the tripartite agreement of tax, they need to check the tax. After checking the tax, the company can be fully registered. This cycle is generally shorter and shorter (at least a month if it's fast). You need to have expectations in mind, don't delay business contacts, find an agent to register for testing, and don't worry. The whole process adds up to 800 yuan. Think about now, it's not only convenient in the process, but also the initial cost of entrepreneurship is getting lower and lower. The address fee, really don't worry, now everyone in Shanghai is basically registered in the area that can provide free address (I registered in Jinshan is the free address), maybe some people who need to register in the free trade zone, need to get some import and export policy support, will spend thousands of yuan every year to buy the registered address, which is also affiliated.

Of course, the above refers to companies that do not need to be registered on the spot. It is said that some companies must have their actual business address, and others will check it, such as wholesale industry and food production.

I. process of registration of Shenzhen company 1. Name of the company (Shenzhen City + business + industry + Shenzhen company) 2. Address of the company (street and road where the address needs to be provided) 3. Original ID card of legal person, supervisor and shareholder 4. Investment ratio (more than two shareholders provide ratio) 5. Registered capital (subscription system is implemented, no capital contribution is required) 6. Legal person, supervisor, shareholder personal u dun 7. The company's business scope editor consulted the registered company at 10:07:44 on July 4, 2019, and opened a corporate account for bookkeeping and tax declaration. 5 people approved the answer 1. Process of registering Shenzhen company. The latest information of Shenzhen registered company in 2019 is as follows: provide company establishment information → approve company name → set up registration. Record → submit the approval materials → wait for the acceptance of the industrial and commercial department → obtain the business license → handle the registration → complete (3-5 working days or so) 2. Materials required for registration 1. Company name (Shenzhen + business + industry + limited company) 2. Certificate information of legal person and all shareholders 3. Personal udun or digital certificate of legal person and all shareholders (used as online electronic signature) 4 Registered capital (subscription system) 5. Proportion of shareholder's capital contribution (self distribution) 6. Business scope (providing reference for the same industry) 7. Registered address (housing code of Longhua, Bao'an and Futian) 3. Income certificate and data after completion 1. Original and duplicate business license with multiple certificates 2. Official seal, financial seal, private seal of legal person, 3. Articles of association, tax notice.


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