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Registration of Putuo didi company
Registration of Putuo didi company

time:2019-11-01 10:16:53

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Company refers to the organizational form of an enterprise. A corporation for profit. With the reform of China's economic system, various companies with legal personality have been established to engage in their own production and operation activities according to the articles of association. Why set up a company? Market economy requires equal market subjects to follow the principle of equal exchange; through fair competition, to obtain and provide goods from the market, to promote the rational flow of the whole market, to achieve the optimization of structural framework and the rational allocation of resources. The requirement of market economy determines that market subjects must have clearly defined property rights, and must be independent and equal. The legal person system, with its unique nature, makes the legal person play a major role in the market economy.

As a form of legal person, the company's characteristics fully meet the requirements of market economy, which is bound to be the main body of market economy. The benefits of the company in the market economy are as above. What kind of process and materials do you need to go through to register a company? 1. Preparation stage 1. Please provide 5-8 company names (more preparation is required here, and the passing rate is higher, because the name you want is often occupied by others); 2. Registered address (provide housing lease contract and copy of real estate certificate as much as possible); 3. Business scope of the company (what kind of business do you want to open? If you provide industry, business scope 1 Generally, they are fixed, unless you have special requirements, which may need to be reviewed); 4. Registered capital (how much responsibility the company is prepared to bear); 5. Original copy of legal representative and shareholder ID card (the legal representative is not necessarily a shareholder); 6. Information of the company's supervisor; 7. Equity ratio.

Two. The approval of the company's registration name at the approval stage of the company name generally refers to the approval of the industrial and commercial name. The name of the pre registered company shall be submitted to the industrial and commercial system, and the pre registration of the trade name, trademark office, public number and other areas shall be pre registered. 3. The information of company registration at the stage of company establishment and registration shall be submitted to the market supervision bureau for industrial and commercial examination within 5-10 working days. IV. the paper-based materials for obtaining the license shall be submitted to the industrial and commercial window for review. Within 5 working days, the industrial and commercial notice shall be issued to obtain the license. V. after obtaining the license at the stage, go to the public security bureau according to the receipt to engrave the three seals used by the company: official seal, financial seal and seal (the legal person seal can also be applied for simultaneously).

The official seal fee shall be paid by the Public Security Bureau. Vi. in the stage of opening a basic bank account, the company needs to open a corporate account in the bank, and the bank needs to charge for the payment cipher and account management fees of online banking. The specific needs to consult the opening bank. 7. After the establishment of the company in the state and local tax reporting stage, it is generally required to report to the tax authorities within 15 working days. Enterprises that fail to report within the time limit will affect the credit investigation of legal persons and shareholders. Every month after the tax declaration, the tax shall be recorded and reported (no income and expenditure shall also be reported). VIII. It will take about 20 working days to get the license to register the company. According to the customer's demand, we can provide the urgent company registration service. We can get the license in 3 working days and finish it in 10 working days.

Materials to be prepared for company registration: 1. Company name 2. Registered capital of business scope and shareholders' investment shares 3. Copy of ID card of directors 4. Registered address of the company.

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