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Shanghai Hongkou District Registration Company
Shanghai Hongkou District Registration Company

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registered the company does not operate If you need to go to the company to cancel the business, but not to operate, that is to say, this method is unreasonable. Once the registered company does not operate and does not go through the cancellation, the legal person will enter the blacklist of the industrial and commercial and national tax system, and no new company can be established. The blacklist of the tax system is lifelong, and the legal person will never be able to carry out the national tax system. Related business, and the longer the time, the more fines will be paid and the more late fees will be paid.

   if registered If the company does not want to operate, then it will go through the cancellation. If there is no operation and no cancellation, it will face the following winds. Risk:

  1, The risk of business blacklists cannot be a boss for three years.

   black was included in BUSINESS There are two main reasons for the list:

   One company business license revoked, such as severe or illegal business Not operating for more than six months.

   second is due to three consecutive There are no annual reports and other acts listed in the “serious and untrustworthy enterprises”. The legal representative and responsible person who are included in a serious illegal and untrustworthy enterprise shall not be the legal representative or responsible person of other enterprises within three years.

  2, tax black The list is a lifetime recovery within the country.

  3, legal representative People can';t buy social security, they can';t handle loans and immigration.

  4, dishonest staff The list limits high consumption and cannot fly and high-speed rail.

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