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Shanghai Fengxian registered company
Shanghai Fengxian registered company

time:2020-01-10 14:24:05

author:Service platform for SMEs

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This paper is provided by the service platform for small and medium-sized enterprises, focusing on the introduction of Shanghai Fengxian registered company. The service platform for small and medium-sized enterprises provides many products and services such as Huanghai Fengxian registered company No., Fengxian registered company Fengxian industrial and commercial registration, Fengxian + PUD, etc. As a highly professional company, with our rich experience, professional personnel to provide you with satisfactory service.

Is there no office space to register a company in Shanghai? First of all, we need to make it clear that the types of registered companies, industries, and some special industry companies are better than those of restaurants, labor dispatch, education and training, which must be registered on the spot. It's not good without actual office space. Of course, the registration of ordinary companies does not involve special or other administrative approval, which allows the registered address and the actual office address are not in the same place. In fact, most domestic small and medium-sized enterprises are like this. Because in the future, even if the office address is moved, there is no need to change the enterprise information. It's convenient. At present, many parks in Shanghai have the policy of attracting investment, and there are free virtual addresses in the park for registration.

The difference between field company registration and park registration field company registration is that the park company registration provides a virtual address for enterprise registration, which can be used for free for a long time, which can save the trouble of registered address and the company's operating cost for the newly established small company, so choosing a registered Park in Shanghai has become the preferred way for small companies to start businesses 。 The field company registration is to register with the local industry and commerce with the actual office space. Generally, the enterprise itself is required to provide the company registration address. And the property right nature of the registered place must be commercial or industrial use to be recognized. Therefore, it often costs a lot to register a Shanghai company on the spot.

The procedures are different. The company is registered in the park, and later all the procedures can be handled with the help of the park. The company can handle business without many troubles. The park will also provide the supporting services of unified annual inspection and agency bookkeeping. On site registration requires the company to send personnel to handle complicated government related procedures in person. It takes a lot of effort, sometimes it can't be handled due to individual reasons, and annual inspection is a headache. The company registration in the park can enjoy the preferential policies of Shanghai government subsidies. For example, if it is affiliated in Jinshan, Fengxian, Chongming, Jiading and other economic parks, it can enjoy the tax rebate policies. There is no preferential policy for company registration in Shanghai, and the company bears a lot of economic pressure in the process of operation.


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