How long has Fengxian registered company been
How long does Fengxian register
How long does Fengxian register

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Shanghai registered companies, because there are many preferential policies for Shanghai registered companies, but many people don't know what specific preferential policies, so let Shanghai reputation small editor to introduce it to you I. advantages of Shanghai registered company: 1. Shanghai is a magic city, an international metropolis, which uses the brand advantages of Shanghai enterprises to occupy the domestic market; 2. In the name of Shanghai company, you can buy and invest in Shanghai, which is convenient for mortgage business; 3. In the application of general taxpayers, tax declaration, annual inspection of enterprises, etc., you can entrust outsourcing services; 4. Using the broad economy of Shanghai , humanities, science and technology, information, transportation and other resources to realize your ideal; 5. Trade directly with merchants or institutions of various countries in the name of Shanghai company.

2. Preferential policies for Shanghai registered companies: 1. There is no fixed requirement for registered capital; 2. Enterprise tax rebate, the first and second years: value added tax%; enterprise income tax rebate 20%; business tax rebate 32%; personal income tax 20%; 3. Intra Zone Trade: imported goods can be free of tariff first, and trans trade can be free of tariff, and the goods can be first closed, and then the customs clearance procedures can be completed; 4. Registered in the free trade zone All of them are large enterprises, so their corporate image is very good, and their registered capital is highly trustworthy; 5. There are two tax policies for investment in the free trade zone: one is the value-added part of the assets evaluation of the enterprises or individual shareholders registered in the pilot zone due to the foreign investment of non monetary assets and the asset restructuring, which can pay income tax in stages within no more than 5 years, referred to as“ Non monetary assets investment policy; second, the incentive policy for high-end talents and talents in short supply will be "equity incentive policy" for enterprises in the pilot area to live in the form of shares and other forms of equity.

OK, let's talk about the preferential policies of Shanghai registered companies in detail 3. Preferential policies in Shanghai: Chongming Development Zone 1. Tax return ratio: Chongming is an island country in Shanghai. According to the instruction of Shanghai Municipal People's government to speed up the construction of Chongming Ecological Island, all enterprises registered in Shanghai Chongming skill machine development zone will be rewarded with business tax, value-added tax and enterprise income tax return. The reward ratio is: business tax maximum reward 40%, enterprise income tax maximum reward 40% The highest reward is 16% and the value-added tax reward is 7%. This tax reward proportion is the highest in all districts of Shanghai 2. Tax return method: transfer to the company's basic account or tax account in the form of transfer; 3. Tax return time: return once a quarter, pay first and then return.

Jiading Development Zone A. provide free registered address; B. no site f e e; C. free management fee for life; D. zero follow-up maintenance cost; e. no limitation on tax; F. enjoy high tax rebate; g. preferential policies of the district government. The district government has made great efforts to attract investment in recent years to promote the economic development of Jiading. There are various preferential measures in Jiading registered company, especially h. development zone Strong support Fengxian Development Zone 1. If the "three capital enterprises" settled in the park move in and re register in Fengxian Park, in addition to enjoying the preferential policy of "two exemptions and three reductions in half" of income tax stipulated by the state, they can also increase the actual part of the park and half of the profit part of the park for one year; 2. If the investment companies outside the park register in Fengxian District but do not move the enterprises into Fengxian Park, they will be excluded from the state and city In addition to the tax part of, the value-added tax and business tax (the real part of the park) shall be awarded to the enterprises at a proportion of more than 50%; 3. Where the investment enterprises outside the park are registered and moved into Fengxian Park, excluding the part of the state municipal tax, the real part of the value-added and business tax Park shall be awarded to the enterprises at a proportion of more than 50%.

Jinshan Development Zone 1. The basic principle of subsidy is based on the principle of "supporting the best and supporting the strong" and industry-oriented, so that the limited support funds can play an important role in supporting enterprises to develop markets, expand exports, support technological innovation, equipment renewal, industrial upgrading, promote sustainable development of enterprises and adjustment of economic structure; 2. The scope of application for subsidy is Industrial technological transformation projects implemented by registered enterprise and field enterprise in the district; 3. Jinshan preferential conditions: A. enterprise preferential conditions: in line with national support policies, in line with the requirements of industrial development direction and industrial product structure adjustment of Shanghai and the district; B. technological transformation projects with an investment of more than 10 million yuan; C. in line with the above two conditions, in line with For the technological transformation projects of industrial enterprises with the following conditions, financial subsidies may be given priority.

Baoshan Development Zone 1. Registered productive foreign investment company in Baoshan District, the enterprise income tax shall be levied at a reduced rate of 24%; those with a business period of more than 10 years shall be exempted from the enterprise income tax for two years from the profit-making year; the enterprise income tax shall be halved from the third year to the fifth year; 2. Registered company in Baoshan District, Shanghai, "product export" and "advanced technology" companies, and domestic tax laws and regulations During the period of enterprise income tax exemption, income tax shall be exempted at the same time; after the above exemption period expires, local income tax shall be exempted and reduced by half for three years respectively; 3. Land use fee shall be exempted within three years from the date of issuance of business license by registering "product export" and "advanced technology" companies in Baoshan District, Shanghai.

Minhang Development Zone 1. All the foreign-funded production-oriented enterprises, including the original investment enterprises, who invest in the zone and the water agent in Minhang area, pay full rewards for the local income part of the zone for three years and halve rewards for four years from the beginning of the profit-making year; 2. All the new enterprises whose registered capital is more than 10 million US dollars, and the new enterprises whose contract foreign capital subject is the world top 500 recognized after 2002 From the beginning of the profit-making year, the part of the enterprise income tax that belongs to the local income of the district shall be rewarded in full for three years and halved for six years; 3. In order to encourage foreign investors to make additional investment, for new production enterprises whose preferential policies expire, the amount of new investment shall not be less than 1 million US dollars, and the period of operation shall not be less than five years, from the beginning of the profit-making year, the income tax of the whole year before the additional investment shall be applied For the part of the local income with the base number exceeding the District, 70% of the local income will be awarded to foreign investors every year for five years; 4. After the expiration of the preferential income tax policy, if the actual part of the local income with the enterprise income tax paid in the current year reaches more than 3 million yuan, the special fund of the government will be rewarded according to 15% of the income; 5. All export-oriented enterprises will be approved by the relevant functional departments of the city and exported RMB 3 points will be awarded by the special fund of the district government for every $1.


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