Baoshan Registered Foreign Trade Company
Baoshan registered foreign trade company
Baoshan registered foreign trade company

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Now, maybe you're thinking about how to start your own business and be your own boss. Any experienced entrepreneur will tell you that this is not an easy thing. The first step to realizing your dream is to register a company. When your company registration process enters the actual preparation stage, some things must be done, otherwise you will definitely regret in the future. But many people don't know what the process of registering a company is like, and there are many things to pay attention to. In this article, we will focus on introducing the precautions about the process of company registration. I. there is only one registered address, which is clearly stipulated by the law of China. Therefore, in the case of multiple offices, one of them should be established as the main office according to the nature of the business handled by each office, and this main office should be taken as the registered address.

2. For which type of housing can be used as the company's registered address, different cities have different regulations. 1. Most cities have regulations that only the real estate with the words "commercial", "office building", "comprehensive" and "shop Exhibition" written on the real estate certificate can be registered as the company's address, while the residential housing cannot be used as the company's registered address (for example, Beijing). 2. Some urban residential buildings can be used to register any industry company (for example, some western cities). 3. Some urban residential buildings can only be used to register designated industrial companies (for example, in Wuhan, residential buildings can only be used to register e-commerce companies, and Changsha also allows qualified residential buildings to be registered as the residences of market subjects).

4. In developed coastal cities such as Shenzhen and Guangzhou, residential houses are allowed to be the registered address of the company, but the consent of the property or local neighborhood committee or even neighborhood is required. 5. In Tianjin and other cities, the houses planned for commercial use on the bottom floor of residential houses can also be applied for the company's registered address, but the industry will also be limited, such as catering, entertainment, Internet bar, etc. In fact, it mainly depends on the specific situation of the city where your company is located. The more entrepreneurship is encouraged, the more relaxed the conditions for the registered address of the company in the city suitable for entrepreneurship are. 3. Suburban industrial parks and urban incubators can be used as the registered address of companies. Some cities want to encourage entrepreneurship, but opening residential houses to the registered address will bring other problems. Therefore, another solution is to specially approve some economic parks and development zones around the city, such as Chongming economic Park and Baoshan Economic Park in Shanghai, while entrepreneurs You can apply to start a business in the park.

Park company registration means that the industrial park provides a virtual address for enterprises to register, which can last for a long time. These development zones not only provide the registered address of the company, but also provide more convenient services. Of course, there are many agency companies in the city to provide similar services, that is, incubators and centralized office areas, such as Peking University Science and Technology Park, joint venture office, etc. In the incubator or centralized office area, a table can be used as a company's registered address, so it greatly improves the number of registered addresses provided by limited commercial housing, and reduces the cost of company registration. After the company is registered with these addresses, it can work in other places.

The advantages and disadvantages of the registered address of the park compared with the registered address of the urban area: 1. For the companies settled in the park, the park will also provide some supporting services of agency bookkeeping. Urban companies need to keep their own accounts or outsource them. Incubators and centralized office areas also have agency bookkeeping services, but they need to renew them every year. 2. In terms of tax declaration, the park is almost the same as the urban area, and can declare tax nearby. 3. In terms of Taxation, a few parks can collect taxes on behalf of the company, which is very convenient for the company. 4. In terms of tax return, generally speaking, the tax return of the park is higher than that of the city. 5. Relocation of the company makes the park more convenient. 6. However, compared with the registration in the park, the company image registered in the urban area is better, and points can be added when bidding and cooperating with others.

IV. when setting up the company's registered address, the following materials shall be prepared to go to the local industrial and commercial bureau for handling. If the real estate is owned by itself, the copy of the real estate card and the copy of its own ID card shall be required. If the real estate is rented, the copy of the real estate card signed by the landlord, the copy of the landlord's ID card, the lease contract signed and sealed by both parties, and the rent shall be required. If the office under the name of a rented company, the copy of its own ID card shall be required. The copy of the real estate certificate with the official seal of the company, the copy of the business license of the company, the lease contract signed and sealed by both parties, and the rent. 5. If the registered address of the company is changed, the steps to change it are as follows: 1. Apply for the change of business license at the industrial and commercial bureau of the place to be moved in with relevant materials, and issue the notice of enterprise transfer after the registration authority of the place to be moved in passes the preliminary examination.

2. Handle industrial and commercial transfer out at the industrial and commercial bureau of the place where the materials are to be moved out, and the registration authority of the place where the materials are to be moved out will post the registration files to the registration authority of the place where the materials are to be moved in by registered post. 3. Get a new business license from the industrial and commercial bureau of the place where you plan to move in 4. Change the organization code certificate 5. Change the wrong view of tax registration certificate: our company does not need long-term bookkeeping and tax declaration, which can not be found by the tax bureau! No matter it is industry and commerce or tax, once the company is spot checked, it is necessary for the company to submit the account book. But some bosses just don't keep accounts and don't report taxes to their own companies. You should know that it's impossible not to do long-term bookkeeping and tax declaration, and not to find the account books when they don't! What's more, if you don't file a tax return, don't you worry about becoming an "abnormal household"? These IRS have found out... Hear the above, are you so decisive to say: too expensive! No, our company is very good! Or wait a little longer. Don't worry now.

But before long, when the IRS found out about you, it found that your company had never reported taxes or recorded them, so it replied to you like this: first, make up the account! Pay taxes again!! Pay a fine! We don't scare you. It's really strict. And the consequences are really serious! The blacklist's joint punishment for the relevant responsible persons is not just about it. When you want to buy a house, a car or something, you will know. 1. Become an "abnormal company" and finally realize that "a slip of foot becomes eternal regret"? I believe that many agency companies have the same feeling. Recently, there have been a lot of abnormal companies, because the end of May requires the annual tax report (final settlement) and the end of June requires the annual industrial and commercial report. Many companies have never recorded the account, and only one result is filled in casually, which is listed in the "abnormal business list" and fined.

2. Register the company and become a "hands off shopkeeper"? A lot of bosses have this idea. The company doesn't care if it is registered. The business cards are high-end and high-grade. It's "abnormal" to check the credit network of several companies under your name. Your face and lining are all gone. Do not do it! Annual report review, no! In fact, the agency company is not forcing you to spend money, but if you don't do it, it will only spend more in the future! 3. There's a problem. It's a big deal to cancel! You think it's so easy to sign out? Many bosses still have a saying on their lips, "if something goes wrong, it's a big deal to cancel!" Do you think it's so easy to get rid of the company as divorce? All tax and industrial and commercial exceptions need to be handled before they can be cancelled, and even if they are cancelled, the account book will be kept for ten years! During this period, you will be found in any related enterprises that have problems or accounts.

After the establishment of the company, no matter whether you start to operate or not, the tax bureau and the industrial and commercial bureau all think that you have started to operate, so you have to start to record and file taxes. 2. Even if the company has no operation and no invoice, it has to declare tax. At this time, you can choose "zero declaration". But the long-term zero declaration will be included in the "risk monitoring". And if you don't operate for six months, the industry and Commerce Bureau will revoke your business license. 3. It is not only "zero declaration" that does not need to pay tax. If the quarterly sales amount is less than 90000 yuan, the VAT will be exempted temporarily, but only if you have to keep accounts and declare on time. Wrong idea: it's easy to write off a company. Now it's easier and cheaper to register a company, but do you know how much it costs to write off a company? Canceling a company is not a simple thing. The price is generally 6000 yuan, and the expensive ones are tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan. Otherwise, there is no way to cancel a company. Why does canceling a company need such a expensive price? I. the process of canceling the company is very complicated and tedious. The industrial and commercial bureau puts on record first → publishes the report → the state tax bureau applies for cancellation → the local tax bureau applies for cancellation → the industrial and commercial bureau submits the cancellation materials → the code cancellation → the bank cancels the whole process of canceling the company, which is generally about 5 to 7 months, and the branch company cancels in about 4-5 months.

If the company has some serious problems, it will take a year to write off. 2. There are many times to cancel and run back and forth, and the cancellation data requires more time to cancel the company. On average, it takes 10 times for the state tax bureau to cancel, 10 times for the local tax bureau, 4-5 times for the industrial and commercial bureau, and 3-4 times for the bank. This is also the time for the industrial and commercial agency to handle. If you don't understand the process, it is estimated that the number of back and forth runs will be more, and the time wasted will be more. In addition, it is necessary to sort out all the account books, vouchers and financial statements of the enterprise, and upload the state tax and local tax statements. If the previous accounts of the enterprise have not been sorted out or done, it is necessary to complete them. Secondly, the tax bureau will check all the tax issues of the enterprise to see if there is any abnormal tax payment or tax evasion.

3. There are more taxes or fines for cancellation. Generally, the cancellation of a company is usually due to some problems of the company. However, some problems will be found out when the company is cancelled. For example, if the rent of the enterprise has been opened or not, if it is still operating there, the lease contract of the enterprise can not be found, and the tax revenue of the enterprise in the previous years is low, and so on. The procedures for cancellation will increase again, and the cost will naturally increase again. That's why it's more expensive to cancel a company than to register it. It's expensive and troublesome to cancel the company. If you don't cancel it, let the company survive. Don't set yourself on fire! Let the company survive, the company will have a credit stain, the consequences are very serious drop.

As long as the legal representatives and shareholders involved in the company handle the following matters in the future, they will be subject to relevant restrictions: 1. The blacklist of the industrial and commercial bureau will never handle the company (with any information of your shareholders, legal representatives and supervisors). 2. The legal representative cannot buy a house or immigrate. 3. The legal representative can't get endowment insurance. 4. It is unable to open the tax registration of state tax and local tax, and the enterprise information related to tax arrears will be announced. 5. If there is any tax arrears involved, the legal representative of the enterprise will be prevented from leaving the country, which cannot be called aircraft or high-speed rail. 6. If there is no tax declaration for a long time, the tax bureau may carry out on-site inspection. 7. The machine will be locked if there is no tax declaration for a long time. 8. The industrial and commercial credit network has entered the list of business exceptions, and all foreign applications are restricted.

9. If you want to cancel in the future, you will face the problem of fines and late fees from the industrial and commercial bureau and the tax bureau. 10. The integration into our credit system will be restricted in the future. (the details haven't been announced yet) here are the notes on the process of registering a company. I hope they can help you!

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