Address of Shanghai Baoshan Registered Company
Address of Shanghai Baoshan registered company
Address of Shanghai Baoshan registered company

time:2019-10-25 13:19:51

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Mass entrepreneurship, the rapid increase in the number of new companies registered, coupled with the implementation of the subscription system, has greatly reduced the cost of starting a company, making it possible to own a company of its own. It is easy to register a company, and difficult to cancel it. Because many entrepreneurs do not know the interests of the company, many things are not considered fully, and problems will be solved after they occur. The circumstances The serious ones even give up and enter the blacklist directly, which has a profound impact on the legal person. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to have a general understanding of the company registration before they are ready to register a new company. What are the precautions for the registration of new companies? In terms of the current tax on the correct choice of the company's registered address, it is mainly divided according to the registered address. The registration place and business place allowed by the Administration for Industry and commerce are not the same.

Try to choose the area with investment attraction and settle in the area. In the market, if there is strict tax management, try to avoid it, and choose a region with more humanized tax management and preferential policies. When setting up a company, choosing the right district or county can save a lot of tax for the company in the future. At the beginning, I didn't choose the right one. I registered to make changes, especially cross regional changes. The procedures and procedures are quite troublesome, the operation is difficult and the cost is not low. A friend who correctly fills in the scope of business for the first time only knows about company registration, but still doesn't know how to fill in the scope of business. Everyone has a big and comprehensive mentality, and it's better to write it all. In fact, there are disadvantages in this way. When the tax Bureau reviews the tax categories, it needs to refer to the scope of business. Some of them have pre licenses and need to do a good job to fill in the scope of business. Wai.

It is suggested that it is feasible to increase the scope of business appropriately by reference to peers in accordance with their own industries. After the company is registered and established, it needs to start accounting and tax declaration within half a month, and it is necessary to declare and pay taxes every year. Even if there is no taxable behavior, zero declaration is also required. Otherwise, once it is spot checked by the relevant departments of the tax bureau in the later period, it may result in fines, revocation of licenses and other consequences, and at the same time affect the credit investigation of legal persons and shareholders. After the completion of the registration of the social security company, it is necessary to open the social security account of the company in the Social Security Bureau under the jurisdiction of the region within 30 days, handle the social security registration certificate and CA certificate, and sign a tripartite agreement with the social security and bank.

After that, the social security related fees will be automatically deducted from the bank's basic account when the social security is paid. At present, most companies choose four major banks, advantages: many outlets, convenient handling, disadvantages: annual management fee is required; when new registered companies choose the bank, they can consider the convenience of later production and operation. Because it is very troublesome to change the bank once it is selected. Therefore, we need to consider: first, the distance to the company, generally close to the company; second, the service level of the bank itself.

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